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Crypt Wizard is a single player, coffee break, dungeon builder and RTS.

You only control one unit, the wizard, and with your wizard you issue orders to your minions, such as dig, build, craft, and fight.

Build a dungeon and defend it from waves of attackers.

Play a bunch of handmade dungeons, or play randomly generated dungeons with adjustable parameters to tweak the dungeon generation to your liking.

Updated Aug 4, 2023

Forums thread: https://forums.swut.net/viewtopic.php?p=85902

Graphics contributions by 0x72: https://0x72.itch.io/

Tutorial: http://cryptwiz.com/dev/tute.html

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2D, Real time strategy, Short, Singleplayer


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Cool game!

  • Loved the aesthetic and gameplay loop. It feels really satisfying to make progress in a level.
  • I did break the tutorial by accidentally mining the mana crystal before the checklist point came up.
  • It's very easy to get overrun if you mine 2 entrances at once. I get the solution is to slowly expand from 1 path and wall off other entrances, but that doesn't feel as satisfying as managing chaos. I found myself wishing for some way to control multiple groups of units, or to set a rally point for a building.
  • Owned territory looks very similar to unowned territory at a glance. You could give it an entirely different colour palette similar to zerg creep in Starcraft/undead blight in WC3, or you could highlight all owned territory when you're on the building UI.
  • The building UI (b key) felt slightly too overloaded when it contains building, placing items, AI keys, deconstruct and haul items. I think if you could split those up into separate menus the UX would be improved a bit.
  • You can't pan the camera in multiple directions at once. A minor problem but it does affect the game feel a bit.
  • It's possible to pan outside of the map limits and get lost in the fog.
  • Turning corpses into monsters is a really interesting mechanic. I wonder if it could be expanded further - for instance it could gain lifesteal if you've got a vampire corpse, or flying if it absorbs a bat corpse.

Thank you for playing and thanks especially for posting.

Definitely going to think about everything you've written. I've actually been working on CW the last few days (and enjoying it). I think I've already fixed the tute bug you mentioned.

Corpses as a resource: yes I should run with that. Currently you can make your heaviest tank unit out of flesh. Brains are used for food by ghouls (which are rare, or did I even take them out entirely?) and hungry dwarves which I never play with. Brains also makes life essence which upgrades your wizard's spells. I've recently added turning life essence into spawner skulls - so if there is no spawner rock(marble) nearby then there is still a way to make barracks.

I definitely need to expand on the wizard spells & maybe provide alternate wizards with different abilities to play the game with.

Currently working mostly on the random maps: including adding a 'clear path to portal' challenge option: where you don't start hidden: you start with invaders spawning almost immediately - that's spiced it up a bit.

It's very interesting! A sort of Dwarf Fortress meets DOTA. I think something's wrong with stockpiles, though. I can only build one, and then new ones must be touching the original, which really limits how far you can play.

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Thanks for playing & posting! It did start off as a DF lite but somehow some moba elements crept in, and I'm happy with that.

I will take a look at stockpiles - in most of my testing I just made one big stockpile and no further ones, so haven't looked at additional stockpiles in a while.

Latest version (just posted) no longer requires stockpiles to be all adjacent to each other.

This is  a multiplayer game?

sorry, single player only (atm)