Linux version added (build 12)

The Crypt Wizard Linux version is simply just the jar files, with the Linux natives bundled with.

Crypt Wizard needs a version of Java 8 Runtime installed. Version 13 won't do!

You can use the open source, non-Oracle version of Java called OpenJDK, which you can get from

You will need to select the following version:

  • version 8
  • OS Linux
  • x86_64 bit
  • JRE (not JDK)

you can then unpack that into /opt (for example) or wherever you like.

Then, from the command line, cd into your crypt wizard directory and type ...
(assuming open jdk went into /opt/openlogic-openjdk-jre-8u342-b07-linux-x64)
something like:

/opt/openlogic-openjdk-jre-8u342-b07-linux-x64/bin/java -cp "*:slick/lib/*:slick/*"  -Djava.library.path=slick  engine.SlickBasicGame

Good luck!


cryptwizard-linux-build12.tar.gz 18 MB
Sep 28, 2022

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