This is my adaption of Dungeons of Doom (for Commodore 64) from Usborne's wonderful Write Your Own Fantasy Games book from circa 1985.

Goal: get to the end, and pick up the Idol.

Major deviations from the original in the book:

  • merged the separate character creation program into the main game
  • replaced the separate dungeon generator program with a procedurally generated dungeon
  • made the game turn based rather than real time
  • compiled the game with Blitz Basic

Minor changes:

  • added a stats screen which shows available spells & items
  • changed movement to use the IJKM keys or arrow keys, rather than turn left/right and move forward/back
  • fixed some bugs, including the omission of flail and shield in combat calculations
  • optimised for speed where ever possible
  • more messaging

How to play:

Character Creation:

If you skip character creation, you will use the last character created, or the pre-generated one on the d64.

Class is determined by stats, so shuffle your stats around until you get the desired class.

A/Z/up/down : move cursor up and down
+/-/left/right : increase/decrease quantities
Space : next page

Main game keys:
IJKM / Arrows : move
A : attack nearest monster
C : cast
G : get item standing on
P : drink a potion
R : reveal (requires a torch)
Z : stats


Spell & Numbers:
The Necronomicon grants access to spells 1 to 3, while the scrolls give access to spells 4 to 6, both of which must be purchased during character creation.

When casting a spell, you will be asked to consult the lore, so consult the following:

  1. Superzap: instantly kills active monster
  2. Sancturary: creates a safe place where the character is standing
  3. Teleport: teleports character to random position, but only works when that location is vacant
  4. Powersurge: gives a huge temporary boost to strength and vitality
  5. Metamorphosis: transforms whatever is in the current location to some other object
  6. Healing: restores strength and vitality to original values

Attached files:

  • .d64 with the compiled game, a pre-rolled barbarian & BASIC source for use with your favourite emulator or real Commodore 64
  • .zip with CBM PRG Studio files - I have many annotations in the source which you may be interested in


  • sound is not optimised for compilation and probably plays fast
  • only one monster can be active at a time. One improvement I didn't get around to is if you step on a monster then activate that and sleep any others.
  • in one rare instance one generated map couldn't be fully navigated, though pains have been made to avoid that happening again
  • there is no error checking if the HERO character file is not present

Link to the book:

More Usborne books:

Embedding c64 programs in the browser:

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GenreRole Playing
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