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Reeeeeee here form EUO awsome game really nice to try it in a different setting i was surprised how much i enjoy the musket considering im not really a musket enjoyer in EUO :D

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A really fun shooter with a really nice length and difficulty. I kept getting jump scared by headless, it always seemed like one was right behind me or hiding  behind a corner lol.

If you're interested in playing, pay close attention on the stage "path to exile". I got a little lost and had to double check all the walls to find my way out.

It was a lot of fun to see some favorite dungeons from EUO show up!

That's the idea for euo people: to have fun revisiting yr fav dungeons but as a daggy old FPS.

Also glad you got scared by headlesses. They should scare you. I personally did the voices for them ;)

Don't usually play these kinds of games (I suck at them lol). But it was fun, great length for being free. Will re-visit when there are updates for it.

Don't be surprised if there are updates. Thanks for posting.

I really like it. It is cool that the maps are taken from EUO, and it's incredibly satisfying to shoot those damn gremlins! I found the music set the ambiance well. I noticed a few times the music seemed to be amping up the tension for me.

Most games don't run very well on my laptop, but this was nice and smooth. The rapid-fire Grav Por wand made me feel like I was using a machine gun to mow down all the mobs, and I loved every second of it.

I find the Headlesses terrifying in 3d. It didn't help that I stumbled upon a secret door and backed out quickly; standing just on the other side of the secret door. A headless jumped out from the secret door, appearing directly in front of me in a classic jump scare. Sadly, the safest place to be is where Im aiming apparently and that run ended prematurely...

I am extremely glad you found the headlesses terrifying.

Fun game, played through it in a couple of hours but I can definitely see it being completed faster with how smooth the movement feels. Couldn't recommend it more if you're already familiar with EUO, going through all the old dungeons of EUO in a first person environment was a trip. 

Wish it was a bit longer but otherwise it was a very fun game to speed through shooting everything on the way. 

If you think it's too short it's easy to make more levels - it just uses EUO's maped. Making mobs and more weapons is more work, of course. 

I would have put more EUO's levels in but most don't work that well out of the box - most of whats in there needed refinement & tweaking.

Anyway thanks for palying and posting, much appreciated!

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Not too bad.  I spent a couple nights to past midnight playing.  That's something I don't usually do.  The music I found pretty good.  It looped to different songs throughout instead of being dependent on the level.  Could it use more toons?  Maybe.  The water and jumping reminded me a lot of The Elder Scrolls Arena.  Headless made me think of a Serious Sam mob except they didn't explode.  The lava reminded me of burning in Witchaven.  Some of the gameplay reminded me of quake (perhaps the grenade launcher).    Barrels are pretty tough vs the wand.  I never could get any barrels lined up for an incidental kill of mobs (that I know of).    Ranged mobs were pretty deadly but a gremlin or headless could serious tear you up.

There was some clipping by a few mobs here and there, transition from secret doors felt a bit like no-clip.  Some mobs were unaffected if i launched a grenade or shot through the secret door.  And some mobs you could trick by hiding jus enough around the corner where they couldn't shoot you but you could shoot them.  Certain obstacles you could blast through with your musket if you aimed just right (notably the fences). Hiding in the water you could blast away at gremlins and headless.  Sometimes furniture would hold the mobs back for you to shoot them.  It didn't always work but when it did it helped.

I couldn't get my gamepad to work properly and need to spend some more time tinkering with it.  I used the mouse and keyboard like I do with all boomers.  On a rare occasion I will use a gamepad, rarely.

You can backtrack to the beginning maps which was pretty cool.

What could the game use?

A few more death animations for mobs.

Maybe save slots

Difficulty setting

A Hard Core Mode where you can't save and if you die that is it.  Start over.

Score board (well, I guess for time you complete a map as there is no mobs killed score or a tally of points).  I never got close to par for map completion.  I'm sure I had some other suggestions but I'm tired atm.

It is pretty fun esp if you're an EUO fan.


Thanks keighn,

as with all projects, if I had infinite time and patience and enthusiasm I would put more things in like more mobs, maps, interactivity, save slots, difficulty settings, etc etc. But I wanted to get something wrapped up and shipped. I reckon this took about 4 months full time. If I spent another 20 years part time on it then it might be as amazing as EUO, eh

Thanks for playing and posting, it's much appreciated!

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Back in the day, as a teen  in the 80s I played Ultima.  Fast forward to the mid 90s I used to play DOOM with my old business partners (we played across our office network). Fast forward to the 00s and I find EUO, the Ultima my friends and I used to dream about;  it's still a realm I escape to. So when I saw EUO that looked and smelled like DOOM all I could do was smile and download it immediately. It's just enough retro to remind me of how we used to get down with the games -- and just enough modern to show us the rabbit hole was more like a wormhole. Fantastic work, Egg! Lovin it! Thank you!

thank you, it means a lot!

nice shooter

thank you for playing and posting